Welcome back Ben,

To a place that used to meant so much to me. but now its just growing dust.

I guess what really brings me back here is that, i am looking for a place to rant but at the same time a place where i am alone.

I guess a lot of people has long forgotten the existence of blogspot.

and even so, no people would actually drop by my blog to give it a visit.

So indirectly it give me the space i needed yet a place i can rant.

A place where is forgotten by everyone.

I guess blogspot has a lot of memories left behind growing dust.

I guess if i am not going through a heart break i might not even be back here today.

Looking back at all the memories really make my tears to roll non stop.

Like a wiseman once said, inorder to heal it has to be broken first.

I cant belief how sweet we used to be. how much we cared about each other and how much bad times we give each other.

But i guess its all memories now.

A memory that i cant let go.

A memory i cant burried deep.

I know its been nearly 11 months sinced.

But then....

Things are changing, people are changing, but one thing nvr changed. <|3

i love you, i wish that miracle happens to me that you'll be all worth it.
sincerely, broken heart </3

seriously, i think im not ready for this class. there are so many seniors and im like just started to step into my second year. and this lecturer is gonna freak me out. sigh. i'll try to work things out at the best of all but still IM NOT READY!!! :( 

p/s: god please bless me in her class this semester.

booyah, its time to go to bed. someone sleeping and hope he'll be fine tmr. and we'll be continue to be nerdy tmr. couldnt wait to get away from all these books. okay 2 weeks time. counting counting. loves.

Idk why but I'm pretty frustrated. How's life out there? I ain't doing good here? I've been quarantine in a very bad situation. Will get rid of it, but it'll just take time. How long? No one knows. Just in a blink, finals are around the corner. This sem hasn't been good to me. Piles of work to do. It's pretty hectic you can say. How I wish the next short sem will be kind to me. But just so you know, American govt??? Another history? Screw it man.

I'm a smelly baby. Says my baby :D

just had a goodnight session with bb after reading for test ltr on in the morning. anyway its late, i shall just go and revise a lil bit more and head to bed. chicken essence will be my friend tmr. goodluck poo.

I have so much to confess.
I have so much work to do yet so little time.
Can u please spare me sometime and take away part of my burden???
Monday: Compo essay
Tuesday: international trade test
Thursday: leadership and management presentation
Friday: accounting test
Fml maximum.

Have been hoping for incredibly good stuff from people surrounding. Wishing to stay in a better environment; perhaps a perfect people n perfect surrounding? Sounds impossible but still hoping for it. That's why get disappoint easily.
Hanging up on a phone every night till he shut his eyes to bed. Having him beside n snoring like no one else's business. hugging him before he leaves home. Asking for his daily routine like interviewing some bigheads. Rawr, there are just too much. Istilllovehimanyway. Who cares, I'm gonna protect him like some valuable bitch on hand. You peepo out there, think twice to go near him. RAWR.